A Few Words About Greece

Greece is called the origin of civilization; today it’s one of the most popular destinations in Europe for people who have the wanderlust, which is is easily explicable due to many reasons. Let's consider the most important of them.

  • Safety. To begin with, Greece is a country with one of the lowest crime rates; some might say that criminality here is absent as such. It’s hard to overrate the importance of your family’s safety, that’s why most of people, choosing the place to stay, take this criterion into consideration.
  • Ecology. Note that Greece is famous for the purest sea water in Europe. Beaches of Greece annually get awarded by UNESCO with blue flags, which is the certificate of quality of sea and environment. One or another area gets awarded on the basis of examining the purity of water and sand. Practically the half of Halkidiki peninsula is a dense pine forest; it’s a Nature Reserve with many species of rare wildlife and birds.
  • High quality of life. Apart from the fact that the quality of life is tightly coupled with the quality of education, as well as the cultural and historical heritage, we can’t overlook the quality of food, such as meat, seafood, dairy products, olive oil, honey, wine, sweets and so on. It affects not only the quality but also the life expectancy, which in Greece is above 80 years.
  • Local hospitality. In spite of the importance of everything that was mentioned above, yet it may be appreciated at its true value only in the environment of friendliness and hospitality. We can say with certainty that Greeks are one of the most hospitable nations, whose traditions include amicability and openness towards the neighbor.

If you've dreamed of owning a place abroad for vacation or permanent stay, you should definitely set your choice on Greece – this country will amaze you with it’s beautiful nature, rich history, delicious food and so many other advantages that it has to propose to it’s residents, visitors, and admirers!