Thessaloniki is a unique city whose rich history numbers over 23 century. Many times the city was destroyed, although every time it was reborn from the ashes again, like a phoenix. According to the legend, Thessaloniki is being guarded from enemies by the patronage of St. Demetrius.

The city was built in 315 BC by the king of Macedonia Cassander. The latter history of the city is connected with the Romans, who have built the Arch of Galerius and Rotunda. Paul the Apostle visited the city in order to built first Christian churches. Finally, for five centuries (from 1430 to 1821) the city was ruled by the Turks. The yhave built the White Tower – the monument of the era of turkokratia, and modern symbol of the city of Thessaloniki.



Historians rightly call Thessaloniki the museum-city, as there are monuments which were built in IV BC. Out of 17 UNESCO world heritage sites in Greece, 14 are situated in Thessaloniki.

The city rightly claims to be the cultural capital of Greece. It is the birthplace of the Cyril and Methodius brothers – the creators of the Slavic alphabet and the Old Church Slavonic language. And Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is the biggest one on the Balkan Peninsula.

Thessaloniki is modern and old at the same time. Here you will find the variety of cafes, taverns, restaurants, nightclubs, boutiques, jewelry shops, malls, museums, exhibitions, festivals, fairs, conferences, theater, amusement park – and that's only a small part of the entertainment provided by this amazing city. It should be noted that this is list is not at all exhaustive. Even the most demanding visitor will be satisfied by visiting this beautiful city.



Lots of photographers from around the world come to Thessaloniki to capture amazing panoramic views of the Thermaikos Gulf. And the summer sunsets here are considered to be among the most beautiful in Europe.



If you’ve made a decision to buy a home abroad but has not yet decided on the place, or if you just want to relax and take a break from everyday routine – you should certainly visit Thessaloniki. There’s no way you will remain indifferent to this city with its unique atmosphere; its ruins of bygone civilizations hidden between the houses; its winding streets telling you their interesting histories that will carry you to the origins of ancient Greece.

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