Villa Owners

Being a property owner not intended to live there all year long, you must have already thought of the ways of disposing your property. In terms of financial opportunities, one of the best options here is renting.  This can bring you a good income, and with the right approach, you could eventually return the money invested into your property and start gaining clear profit.

Although, looking for a reliable tenant might be quite tricky, especially if you rent your house to different people for short periods of time. Ellestate specializes in finding reliable customers, which is why with us you can be calm for your property. Furthermore, we provide a wide range of additional services, such as negotiation, drawing the contract, taking care and providing security of your house.

Among our clients there are people coming for holidays during summer, as well as those who would like to rent a holiday property for a season or even for the whole year, in order to visit occasionally. The price usually depends on many factors, such as type of property, its condition and location, distance from the sea, terms of rent, duration of stay etc. In case you have problems with putting a price at your house, Ellestate specialists will help you to evaluate your property.

Last years, due to the economical and political situation, the number of tourists visiting Greece grows constantly. This creates lots of opportunities to property owners in Greece, especially the owners of holiday property. The main task of Ellestate is to find the best options for our clients and to close a deal on mutually-beneficial terms and conditions.

You can contact Ellestate specialist via instant messaging online on our website or by e-mail, to get more information about our activity, as well as the services we provide.